Welcome to our chronicle of our 2015 thru-hike of the Pacific Northwest Trail. To view our trail journal, scroll down or select a page by clicking the navigation button on the top right. We’ve included more information about our hike there as well. Thanks for visiting! -Bluebird & Spice Rack Advertisements

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Reflections & Reactions

Now that more than a couple of days have passed since the conclusion of the trip, we have had some time to notice things, mull them around in our heads, and come up with some reflections, both trivial and important. Some are hard to put into words, but, in no particular order, we’ll give it a shot.

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11 – The Olympics

…but soon after arriving the temperature dropped, the winds picked up, and it started sleeting. We huddled under the awning of a pit toilet as we cooked dinner, dreading setting up our tent in a cold, wet storm after a hard day. Tired of waking up wet and freezing, and just plain tired, we decided to camp in the bathroom.

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9 – Mt. Baker & The Chukanuts

Not only was the lookout perched right next to Mt. Baker’s glaciated peak, but it also offered views of the entire North Cascade range to the East, the Puget Sound to the West, and the Olympic mountains on the horizon. It was the first time we saw the ocean since leaving Seattle and it was amazing to see it surrounded by a sea of mountains.

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